Gum Disease Management

keeping gums and bone level healthy

Below are the list of different management strategies for the different degrees of gum disease.

Adult Prophylaxis (ADA code D1110) (also known as Scaling and Polishing)

Adult Prophylaxis more commonly known as Scaling and Polishing is the back bone of dental care. Proper scaling and polishing combined with fluoride treatment and oral hygiene counselling are the main stay to prevent bone loss as a result of gum disease and tooth decay.

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing (ADA code D4341) (also known as Deep Cleaning)

This is indicated for patients who have bone loss and loss of attachment. Instrumentation of the exposed root surface to remove deposits is an integral part of this procedure. Diagnosis is by x-rays , periodontal probe measurements; recession, bleeding, mobility, and furcation measurements.

Periodontal Maintenance (ADA code D4910)

This is indicated for patients diagnosed with moderate and severe periodontitis (i.e. who have bone loss and loss of attachment). They require regular maintenance. Intervals for the procedure are determined by clinical diagnosis.

Localized Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Agents (ADA code D4381)

This procedure is the delivery chemotherapeutic agents treat periodontal disease.

Full-Mouth Debridement (ADA code D4355) (also known as Gross Scaling and Polishing)

To Enable Comprehensive Evaluation and Diagnosis, GROSS SCALING AND POLISHING of supragingival plaque and calculus. This procedure does not preclude the need for additional periodontal procedures.

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