Post-Op Instructions

  1. Do not rinse for several hours after the operation.
  2. Complete the course of medication prescribed unless otherwise stated.
    However, should any allergic reaction arise from taking the medication (e.g. rashes, difficulty in breathing, swelling around the eyes, etc.), STOP medication immediately!
  3. Avoid eating on the same side as the operation site.
  4. Soft diet for a week. Avoid hard foodstuff and foods of extreme temperatures.
  5. Avoid vigorous exercise and have plenty of rest.
  6. Avoid brushing the operation site but do continue brushing the rest of the mouth as per normal.
  7. Do not attempt to remove the stitches yourself!
  8. If a dressing has been placed, do not disturb or remove the dressing yourself. If it drops off, throw it away.
  9. Some discomfort and swelling may be expected.
  10. Should any complications arise (e.g. profuse continual bleeding, extreme pain, etc.), please contact the clinic (Tel no. 6467-2915) during office hours or email

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